We use Eco-Friendly Steamwash
Being in the grooming and detailing field for over ten years, we started in our business in a Industrial zone with with a shared office and workshop. Our focus was mainly working alongside car deale rs to ensure their cars were ready for the buying public - getting them in pristine new condition. As word got out how good we were and demand grew we relocated to shopping center and continued our services.
Our goal has always been to provide an ECO - Friendly car wash and detailing service. Due to the restrictions that were placed on us by the shopping centre management, we had no choice but to close the business and to take our time to find the perfect place to base our company and to then provide a continuous service to our now valued clientele that we had built up with hard work.
From feedback and listening to our customer demands, Our team Kenier totally understand how to protect and take care of your vehicle, respect that this is one of your main asset's and most are used daily. We believe that if you maintain your Car, Motor Home or Boat on a regular basis through us it helps keep the little problems that occur that come with lack of care/service.
A) We respect the environment and do all we can to support the Eco System.
Customers can visit us without climate concerns.
B) Secured environment - to protect your possession whilst in our care
Our shop is fully insured and also we provide an over night enclosed secured unit with reinforced roller doors on top of that we are diligent with 24 hour CCTV surveillance we take protecting your items seriously.
C) Technology
With our ultimate Steam grooming technology and A-Glaze surface protection system that keeps your car in top condition this ensures that you get the best resale value if you choose to sell your item in the future.
D) Automotive relative services provided
Such as Window Tinting, Leather detailing, Dent and Puncture repairs, Modifying wheels, Tyres change, Reversing camera we can install or take out.
E) Since our jobs are carried out to an exact and professional standard, bookings are preferred as we would not want to disappoint you if we are booked out that day, We suggest it is best for you to book in advance. Our latest computerized booking system ensures their will be no errors or double bookings on your day of appointment.
F) Sorry but we do not provide dynamo and racing vehicle tuning.